About Batroun City
A coastal city founded by the Phoenicians, located 50 km north of Beirut, and 29 km south of Tripoli

The city is famous for its historical churches and sites some dating back to the 7th century. Among the many archeological features of Batroun is St-Stephan’s Cathedral; It is considered to be among the biggest in Lebanon and overlooks the town harbor. In its old streets, a Phoenician fortress and a theatre excavated by the Romans from which only eleven steps remain. Batroun is also known for its port, since the main source of income for its citizens has been for many years fishing. Along the charming coast of the city lay many beaches and resorts, along with a bundle of restaurants serving a variety of food ranging from Lebanese cuisine to local seafood specialties and western dishes. It is also important to mention the famous fresh and delicious lemonade. Batroun has also become vibrant at night, harboring a variety of nightclubs and pubs not to forget its cultural festivals and events celebrated in summer.

About Batroun International Festival
The festival had a shy and amateur debut in the early 90’s until it acquired international standards and earned its place among international cultural festivals.
In 2009, the BATROUN INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL was born and started hosting leading local and international artist from all over the world. Batroun International Festival had the honor of hosting artists like:
Magida Roumi, Ragheb Alameh, Georges Wassouf, Oussama Rahbani & Hiba Tawaji, Heartbeat, Georgian National Ballet, Masari, Engelbert, Ali Campbel, Chinese Performing Art Troupe and many many more…
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