Batroun International Festival 2018
This year BIF aims at promoting the city of Batroun thru a new and eco-friendly perspective.

Visiting the historical sites in the Phoenician city thru cycling is a family fun activity and a step closer to introduce an ini- tiative set by the Municipality to turn the Batroun into a cycling friendly city, with less pollution, less noise, less trac, and a healthier lifestyle.

Event Details

Date: July 1st starting from Wardieh Station.
Participants: More than 1000 bikes will tour the old city of Batroun. Feel free to bring your own bike!
Starting time: Registration goes on from 9 to 10am. Every cyclist will reserve his or her bike and helmet and will be given a map to navigate the city of Batroun and its touristic sites. Cycling groups will enjoy a one of a kind touristic day between 9.30 to 11 am.
End time: Guided tours will end at 1pm at the nal destination located in Colonel with live bands and F&B services.
Regulations: This event consists of a half-guided free tour. Every cyclist has around 3 hours to enjoy the city of Batroun. Two xed guides will be positioned at every touristic destination to welcome the groups, inform them of the reached location and explain its history. Three guides will be moving between destinations to escort arriving groups every 15 minutes from one station to another. Participants are also free to move within groups in order to do their own thing, enjoy the fresh lemonade or street food, take scenic photos.
Safety: The usual bike safety measures apply very seriously during this event.
Souvenir: Each participant will be given a small bottle of water with a souvenir bracelet to re-member the day.

Places To Visit:St. Estephan Cathedral, St. Georges Church, Lady of the Sea, Phoenician Wall, Diaspora House (the Old Phoenician Castle), Gulf of Bahsa, Seat of the Emir. The event will come to an end on a high note at Colonel Beer Brewery, where everyone will enjoy a party with live music, craft beer and a free tour in the microbrewery.